San Francisco Unified School District

Balboa High School

Contact Dr. Catherine Arenson (Principal)
Address 1000 Cayuga Avenue,  San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone (415) 469-4090
Fax (415) 469-0859
Hours M, Tu, Th, F: 8:15am-3:34 pm; W: 8:15am-1:04pm
Target Youth, grades 9-12
Additional Languages Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese

Balboa is a college preparatory high school with a rich history and tradition. All instruction is organized through small learning communities, so each student is able to build powerful relationships with teachers while engaging in rigorous academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits. The ninth and tenth grades have a strong academic focus combined with an emphasis on career, health, and college exploration. At the end of tenth grade, the students select a field of interest that they will pursue as juniors and seniors in one of our School-to-Career pathways. We envision that all of our students will obtain the skills and knowledge that allow them to be lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world.

1000 Cayuga Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 469-4090

Bret Harte Elementary School

Contact Jeremy Hilinski (Principal)
Address 1035 Gilman Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 330-1520
Fax (415) 330-1555
Hours Mo, Tu, Th, Fri: 8:40am-2:55pm; We: 8:40am-1:40pm; Pre-K: M-F: 8:45am-5:45pm
Target PreK/TK-5th Grade
Additional Languages Spanish

At Bret Harte, our mission is to provide high-quality instructional programs within a safe learning environment that maximizes individual talents and strengths, celebrates diversity, and prepares students to be productive citizens. As part of our commitment to access and equity, all students have access to instructional programs, materials, and resources that are aligned with California content standards. Every grade, from kindergarten through 5th, includes projects, cross-curricular activities, arts education, field trips, and interaction across grade levels. At Bret Harte School, children are surrounded by caring adults who provide academic and enrichment programs suited to fit their needs.

1035 Gilman Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 330-1520

Civic Center Secondary

Contact Anita Summerlin (Principal)
Address 727 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone (415) 241-3000
Fax (415) 241-6192
Hours M-F: 9:30am-2pm
Target Grades 7-12
Additional Languages Spanish, Tagalog, Samoan

Civic Center Secondary functions as an interruption in the educational system, breaking the pipeline to prison design for many underrepresented students. The Civic Center Secondary community, staff, students, parents and community partners openly struggle to interrupt the cycle of low expectations, neglect and institutionalized racism that is characteristic of the educational experience for at risk students. Our focus is our efforts to create a caring, inclusive, safe educational space where building relationships is the focus.

727 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 241-3000

Dr. Charles R. Drew College Preparatory Academy

Contact Vidrale Franklin (Principal)
Address 50 Pomona Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 330-1526
Fax (415) 822-9210
Hours M, Tu, F: 7:50am-2:05pm; We: 7:50am-12:50pm; PreK M-F: 7:30am-5:30pm; Beacon After School Program: dismissal to 5:30pm
Target Pre-school – 5th Grade
Additional Languages Spanish

At Dr. Charles R. Drew College Preparatory Academy, we are committed to honoring each and every student. We promote learning, creativity, social and emotional development. As a staff, we seek to enrich our knowledge and develop new skills to build a community of young leaders striving to reach their academic and personal potential.

50 Pomona Street, San Francisco, California

(415) 330-1526

Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary

Contact Makaela Manning (Principal)
Address 1360 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 330-1540
Fax (415) 467-7217
Hours Mo, Tu, Th, Fri: 8:40am-2:55pm We: 8:40am-1:40pm
Target K-5th Grade
Additional Languages Spanish

Dr. George Washington Carver Academic Elementary School is a hidden treasure in Bayview-Hunter’s Point community. Every day, Carver’s staff come to school with compassion and dedication to each student’s academic and personal success. We stress academic excellence for all students, and want all students to become self-motivated, intrinsic learners by learning respect for themselves, others, and their surroundings. We guide them to perform to their best ability and to be socially prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Students will leave us with a strong foundation in literacy, mathematics, and technology.

1360 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 330-1540 ext. 1302

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

Contact Leslie Hu (Community School Coordinator/School Social Worker)
Address 350 Girard Street, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone (415) 857-2255
Fax (415) 468-7295
Hours M-F: 8:15am-4pm
Target Grades 6-8
Additional Languages

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Academic Middle School enrolls students from neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. The diverse and multicultural atmosphere of the school attracts students from all racial/ethnic groups. All students receive equitable access. We focus on a curriculum that is meaningful and relevant, valuing relationships between staff and students, students and their peers, and the student-community.

350 Girard Street, San Francisco, California

(415) 857-2255

El Dorado Elementary

Contact Silvia Cordero (Principal)
Address 70 Delta Street, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone (415) 330-1537
Fax (415) 467-2435
Hours Mo, Tu, Th, F: 7:50am-2:05pm We: 7:50am-12:50pm
Target Grades K-5
Additional Languages

El Dorado is a diverse school where teachers, staff, and parents come together to ensure the achievement of all students. El Dorado’s focus is the creation of an environment that promotes teaching the whole child. The school invests its energies in programs that meet the academic and social needs of all students and uses standards-based instructional practices like Balanced Literacy. We believe in empowering teachers by creating a trusting, nurturing, and professional environment that allows them to think critically and create out of the box solutions for our community. Our teachers use the language of scholars and critical thinkers to provide our students with the tools to access and navigate future professional and academic opportunities. We believe in recognizing students’ strengths and needs to help them achieve their full potential.

70 Delta Street, San Francisco, California

(415) 330-1537


Hilltop Special Services Center

Contact Elisa Villafuerte (Principal)
Address 2730 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone (415) 695-5606
Fax (415) 695-5367
Hours M-Th: 9:30am-3pm, F: 9:30am-2pm
Target County School, 7-12
Additional Languages

The mission of Hilltop Special Service Center is to provide a safe academic environment where students have the opportunity to prepare for post-secondary education, meet graduation requirements, access quality prenatal and parenting education, and receive health and emotional support services. Our students are provided with a supportive community where they can work towards completion of high school graduation requirements and receive assistance to become responsible, effective parents. The program utilizes an open enrollment policy and completes on-going assessments with each student in regard to transfer/return to comprehensive district high schools. Students receive core academic instruction and practicum in child development and early literacy. Family Service Agency is the provider of an on site nursery which offers child care for infants ages 2 weeks-18 months for parenting SFUSD students district-wide. The program goals include the following: increase the number of pregnant and parenting students who graduate from high school and transition into post-secondary education/careers; improved parenting skills; address the socio-emotional needs of the students; the children of enrolled student-parents will have enhanced school readiness and receive health screening and immunizations. The teachers and counselors of Hilltop Special Service Center employ a holistic approach to each student’s education and they provide explicit instruction as well as responsive teaching and differentiated instruction.

2730 Bryant Street, San Francisco, California

(415) 695-5606

June Jordan School for Equity High School

Contact Nichalous Archibald (Principal)
Address 325 La Grande Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone (415) 452-4922
Fax (415) 452-4927
Hours M, Tu, Th, F: 8:40am-3:55pm; W: 8:40am-1:55pm
Target Grades 9-12
Additional Languages Spanish

June Jordan School for Equity was explicitly designed as a school for equity and social justice. It was founded through a community organizing effort by a group of teachers, parents, and youth, with the goal of providing better educational options for students who were not being served well in traditional schools. The group aimed to be a part of a social justice movement to provide a high-quality education to all youth in the city not just those from certain neighborhoods or backgrounds. We support mental and physical health support for students through our Wellness Center.

325 La Grande Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 452-4922

Leola M. Havard Early Education School

Contact Dr. Melanie Spears (Principal)
Address 1520 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 695-5660
Fax (415) 695-5421
Hours M-F: 7:45am-5:45pm
Target Early Education, PreK
Additional Languages Spanish

Our school uses the HighScope Educational Approach, which emphasizes active participatory learning. Students have direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events and ideas. Students’ interests and choices are at the heart of how we teach and nurture. We validate and support what they already know, and gently encourage them to take their thinking to the next level.

1520 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 695-5660

Malcolm X Academy

Contact Matthew Fitzsimmon (Principal)
Address 350 Harbor Road, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 695-5950
Fax (415) 647-1647
Hours M-W, F: 8:20am-2:40pm; Th: 8:20am-1pm
Target PreK/TK-5th Grade
Additional Languages Mandarin

Malcolm X sits on top of one of San Francisco’s many hills, serving it’s community members right in the heart of the Bayview. The legacy of our school’s namesake, Malcolm X, serves as the foundation for the ideals and vision of our school community. At Malcolm X, we help inspire students to be successful life-long learners.

350 Harbor Road, San Francisco, California

(415) 695-5950


Paul Revere College Preparatory School

Contact Lorraine Orlandi
Address 555 Tompkins Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone (415) 695-5656
Fax (415) 647-0878
  • PreK

    • MTThF 9:30am-3:45pm
    • W 9:30am-2:30pm
  • K-5

    • MTThF 9:30am-3:45am
    • W 9:30am- 2:30pm
  • 6-8

    • MTThF 9:30am-4:00pm
    • W 9:30am- 2:15pm
Target Pre-K-8th Grade
Additional Languages Spanish

We provide a distinctive and high-quality education with our dedicated staff, small class-sizes, commitment to bilingualism, and a safe, nurturing learning environment, so that students may lead full and productive lives. Incorporated in the school are the core values that this community strives for: excellence in academic achievement, respect for diversity, and strength in character and personal growth. We focus on a rigorous academic program emphasizing reading, writing, math, science, and the arts.

555 Tompkins Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 695-5656

Phillip And Sala Burton Academic High School

Contact Suniqua Thomas (Principal)
Address 400 Mansell Street, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone (415) 469-4550
Fax (415) 239-6806
Hours M,T,TH,F: 8:40am-3:40pm | W: 8:40-1:40pm; afterschool program until 6pm
Target High school students (grades 9-12)
Additional Languages Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Samoan

Burton High School boasts a wall-to-wall career-themed academy model. All of our students engage in a carefully articulated high school education program that will land them with experience to be college and career ready. Our students participate in a wide range of activities to help them hone their academic skills and their workplace readiness skills.

400 Mansell Street, San Francisco, California

(415) 469-4550

Thurgood Marshall High School

Contact Mark Heringer (Principal)
Address 45 Conkling Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 695-5612
Fax (415) 695-5438
Mo – Tu, Fri: 8:40 am-3:45 pm; We: 8:40 am-3:15 pm; Th: 8:40 am-2:40 pm
Target 9th-12th Grade
Additional Languages Spanish, Chinese

Thurgood Marshall Academic High School is a four-year college preparatory high school with a diverse student body. Our highly dedicated faculty/staff and our active Parent Teacher Student Association believe that every Marshall student should be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to make wise college, career, and vocational decisions. With seven class periods per day, students can choose an extra course in the daily routine to challenge themselves and expand their options. Students take core and elective courses, including honors/AP courses, which meet all UC and CSU admission requirements. Students enjoy access to a refurbished and expanded College & Career Center, a fully staffed Wellness Center, a Peer Resources Program, and a daily afterschool tutoring program.

45 Conkling Street, San Francisco, California

(415) 695-5612

Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School

Contact Charleston Brown (Principal)
Address 2055 Silver Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 642-8901
Fax (415) 641-1120
Hours M-W: 9am-3pm; Th-F: 8am-1:30pm
Target Grades 6-8
Additional Languages Spanish, Chinese

At Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School, students learn to use project-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) practices to develop the foundational skills and beliefs needed to successfully major in STEM degrees and pursue STEM careers. Students use technology as a tool to explore their identities, expand their possibilities, and be of service to others.

Ultimately, students will become advocates of social justice and learn to protect and expand the rights of humanity. Our brand new, state-of-the-art campus has the only middle school science laboratory in San Francisco public schools, and is outfitted with a premier wireless infrastructure to support student devices. This facility is the platform for our STEM-focused curriculum, where your student will spend their time with hands-on and relevant learning tasks integrating science, technology, math and engineering in classwork.

2055 Silver Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 642-8901

Woodside Learning Center

Contact Chris Lanier (Principal)
Address 375 Woodside Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127
Phone (415) 753-7792
Fax (415) 753-7793
Hours Mo – Fr: 8:45 am-2:45 pm
Target County School
Additional Languages Spanish

Woodside Learning Center (WLC) serves the incarcerated youth that are detained in the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center (Juvenile Hall). It is our belief that we are given an opportunity to intervene in students academic progress and interrupt any patterns of negative behavior in order to reengage students with school. The staff at WLC and LCT are very dedicated to this population with expertise in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of a wide range of learners. Our goal is to provide a setting that will allow students to be available to receive instruction that is free of judgement, predictable, safe while maintaining a level of academic rigor.

375 Woodside Avenue, San Francisco, California

(415) 753-7792

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