CBO Tool Box

BMAGIC has provided several resources for our partners and community members in order to facilitate the sharing of important information with the Community. As a collaborative organization supporting community-based groups in Bayview Hunters Point, BMAGIC intends to provide necessary tools for our partners to build capacity, strengthen their knowledge base, and more easily access resources. We invite you to utilize the items available here to share with your organization’s future work. Please check back periodically, since we regularly add new information.

Inter-agency Referral Protocol

Unable to provide the support needed? When a program participant is in need of support that your organization may not be able to provide, click on this Link to follow the inter-agency referral protocol.

Meeting and Event Sites

Looking to host a meeting or event in the Bayview? Click on this Link in order to access free and affordable venues for your upcoming event or meeting, or click here for a printable PDF.

Outreach Resources

Need to promote your event and/or program? Click on this Link for a guide to local newsletters and media outlets to directly outreach to BVHP residents, schools, and community based organizations.

Community Improvements

Wondering how to advocate for your neighborhood park? Click on this Link for BMAGIC’s Park Advocacy sheet to learn steps that you can take today to move towards improving your community’s playgrounds, sports fields, and green spaces.

Requiring a resource to learn how to create your own grassroots movement?  Click on this Link for a Toolkit for Grassroots Organizing.

The “Respect and Love” Toolkit is part of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s emerging “Help Against Hate” campaign. The campaign aims to increase public awareness on discrimination and hate violence, particularly as they relate to historically under-served communities in San Francisco.  This first version focuses on immigrant issues.  Click on this link for the Respect and Love Toolkit.