Community-Based Participatory Research

BMAGIC has worked directly with the community to collect and document important information for our research. The reports and documents that you find here are all the result of countless conversations with staff at community-based organizations in Bayview Hunters Point. In 2009 we conducted a BMAGIC Community Landscape Data Summary Report and CBO Programming Strategy Map, both designed to take stock of existing resources and areas of service offered in the community. In 2013 we conducted another survey analysis, click the link to view the full report 2013 BMAGIC Community Landscape Data Summary Report



2011 Program Strategy Map

Please note our 2011 Program Strategy Map is now available.  The Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) Community Based Organization (CBO) Programming Strategy Map, of organizations core offerings to BVHP children, youth and their families. This project required Executive Directors and/or Program Directors to self-select their primary areas of service, limited to four or five of the established categories. The intention of this project is to locate overlaps and gaps in critical areas of service through a visual representation of CBOs priorities that are directly correlated with their organization’s mission and vision. The data informs CBOs of their own service trends and unmet needs of the BVHP community. The data is arranged to provide a snap shot of information that can be useful in making referrals and nurturing partnerships. The data also suggests professional development and collective capacity building needs which are indicated through non-selection of service categories. Ultimately the data can be used as an advocacy tool for BVHP CBOs to co-create a holistic partnerships service model. Note: Organizations listed in bold were categorically identified by BMAGIC using the  respective organization’s website, mission statement, and self-identified vision in determining appropriate service categories, as contact for the project was not able to be achieved.

If your organization would like to be included in the Strategy Map, please contact Jeaneane Young, BMAGIC Outreach Coordinator, at 415-558-2487 or at Please ensure your organization meets the following requirements for the project: serves children, youth and their families in BVHP and or brings services into BVHP, and or 25% of their total program population is from BVHP, the organization has year round programming, and relies primarily on local funding sources.

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2011 Program Strategy Map