BMAGIC LGBTQQ Working Group Meeting

Several important BMAGIC partners will be meeting with staff to start the process of building out curriculum and trainings for organizations that serve the LGBTQQ youth population in Bayview Hunters Point. The creation of this working group was a direct response of data found in the BMAGIC Landscape Data Report!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us for our December Community Convener meeting from 1-3 pm at the Bayview Opera House (4705 Third Street) for a light meeting and holiday party as we celebrate the end of the year and look forward to 2013!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us for our August Convener meeting, which will be a special session on mobility management planning, hosted by the Bayview HEAL Zone and the Transportation Authority.

In partnership with community agencies, the Transportation Authority, the Department
of Public Health, the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families, and the Bayview
HEAL Zone and BMAGIC seek to advance collaborative transportation solutions that
support community health and wellness in the Bayview.
At the August meeting, we will discuss findings from the Transportation Authority’s
needs assessment of community transportation services, resources, and issues that affect
program delivery. Attendees will also learn about expectations and requirements for active
participation in the Working Group process.

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us for our January Convener Meeting which will be a kick-off-2012 meeting to look forward to the start of the new year and all the great work the collaborative is doing to serve the community!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us for our May Convener meeting on 5/20 at Bayview Branch Library, 5075 3rd street @ Revere  from 1-3pm!

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BVHP Community Convener Meeting

The July Community Convener Meeting was spent preparing for the BMAGIC Back to School Event which would be held the following Saturday. In addition Peter Lauterborn from the Youth Commission presented on the Fall 2008 Youth Vote Student Survey Results for Bayview Hunters Point!

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

During this meeting, BMAGIC gave a status update on the collaborative action items for BMAGIC and the Bayview Hunters Point Community to create deadlines and clarity within the group.

The group also provided feedback on the 2009 Back to School Event in order to improve the outcomes of our work for 2010.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

At this meeting BMAGIC presented the preliminary findings of the 2009 Landscape Data Report, and initiated a discussion of the next steps to take in regards to this data. In addition BMAGIC discussed the upcoming Youth Winter Ball and Holiday Luncheon.

The UCSF/SEVA Project led by Roberto Vargas came to receive feedback from the group on ways in which health for youth, children and families could be strengthened in Bayview Hunters Point.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

For BMAGIC’s final Convener Meeting for 2009, attendees enjoyed a catered Indian Lunch at the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club. As a collaborative we celebrated the successes during the past year and the great work of service providers for the BVHP Community!

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

The attendees of the January 2010 BVHP Community Convener Meeting participated in a group discussion regarding the outcomes of the 2009 BMAGIC Youth Winter Ball, and a greater analysis of barriers to participating in community events.

The Transportation Authority, led by Jesse Koehler, presented on different community models for cooperative transportation solutions to support youth, seniors, program staff and clients in getting around their city and immediate community in response to the need exposed in the BMAGIC Landscape Analysis Report.

NOTES: Promoting healthy bodies and minds: learn about obesity, diabetes, Výsledek obrázku pro healthy lifestyleHIV/AIDS , Hepatitis B, cancer, asthma, and putting families first! Free healthy food and activities! If your child is experiencing any pain. You can even make sure your entire family has great health by getting insurance and the seniors in your family have a special health care provider and assistance. You can learn more about our caregiving services and how a home care assistance works for you and any other member of your family. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle and living in a good home care community gives you a better quality lifestyle and provides you a healthier mindset and body.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information.  You can also download the presentation materials by clicking on the Materials icon below.

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us at our next Convener Meeting on Tuesday, March 16th from 1-3 pm at the Joseph Lee Recreation Center!  We will be working to create a Summer Collaborative for Bayview Hunters Point in response to San Francisco Unified School District summer school closures.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

This February Convener Meeting consisted of presentations from JumpStart and Careers in Horticultre, as well as a discussion addressing how the Bayview Hunters Point Community plans to deal with the lack of summer school in the city of San Francisco for 2010.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us at our next Convener Meeting on Tuesday, March 16th from 1-3 pm at the Joseph Lee Recreation Center!  We will be working to create a Summer Collaborative for Bayview Hunters Point in response to San Francisco Unified School District summer school closures.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Next month’s Convener Meeting will be held at the Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ)’s Eco Center, Cargo Way and Jennings St., Pier 98 in Heron’s Head Park. San Francisco, CA 9412!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Thank you to all the attendees of the May Community Convener Meeting! At this meeting we discussed the upcoming Backpack Giveaway, gave out Summer Resource Guides, and heard presentations from BAYCAT and Project Homeless Connect. Please check out the meeting minutes and agenda below to see what you missed! Our next meeting will be on June 15th at the Joseph Lee Rec Center, so please come through!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us in August for our monthly Community Convener Meeting! We will have just finished our Back to School Event and can discuss what went well and what we want to work on for the next year! Agenda and minutes to follow!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us for our September Community Convener Meeting! School will have just started and we can get the year started off right! Agenda and minutes now available through the links below!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

At this Convener Meeting we will be preparing for our winter festivities, including the BMAGIC Youth Winter Ball where we partner with Renaissance Parents of Success! The year is coming to an end, so come on out to discuss the past year and how to move into 2011!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting

It’s October and we are ready for the Halloween festivities! Come out to the Convener Meeting to find out what will be happening in Bayview and how to participate or share ideas! Agenda and minutes to follow!

BVHP Community Convener Meeting Postponed

Dear community, please join us for our September Convener Meeting, as we are postponing our August installment of the monthly series. The September meeting will be held and the  Southeast Community Facility at 1800 Oakdale! Please check back for a full agenda.

BVHP Community Convener Meeting- Self-Care Day, Tuesday, May 15, 2012 (Bayview YMCA)

Bayview YMCA, 1601 Lane Street

10:30am-12:30pm: Self-Care Activities, 1:00-3:00pm: BMAGIC May Convener Meeting

Please join us in a day for service providers to indulge in relaxing and refreshing activities to energize body, spirit, and mind, followed by BMAGIC’s monthly Convener Meeting.

Activities include: Fitness Bootcamp, Reiki, Massages that you need to Check This Out, Nutritional Lunch, and other health and wellness activities.

Metabolism, Mitochondria… meh?

Please contact Michael Bennett, Bayview Y Director of Fitness and Nutrition, at (415) 794-9274 for more details.

BVHP Self-Care Day + Community Convener Meeting

District 10 Service Providers, please join us for our 2nd Self-Care Day in partnership with the Bayview YMCA, featuring a day of physical activities, including walking, stretching, yoga, boxing, and self-care workshops to learn skills to reduce stress and take care of your health and enable to better serve the community. I was reading this once in a while, it’s also good to take a break and relax by smoking with the use of usa made bongs, Glass pipes or bubblers. Stress is a big problem but if you buy kratom powder online you can get to know more about the amazing results it can give you.
Please arrive at the YMCA by 9:30am for registration, to ensure prompt start of Self-Care activities at 10am. Lunch from 12-1, followed by BMAGIC’s September Community Convener Meeting!

Education Summit for BVHP CBOs

Greetings Bayview Hunters Point CBO representatives!

Please join us on September 1, 2010 from 10 am-12pm for an informative and interactive discussion around the status of the San Francisco Unified School District, and engage with Assistant Superintendent Patricia Gray and New Day for Learning Director Margaret Brodkin around their visions for public education and BVHP CBO engagement.

Please RSVP to me at as soon as possible, and note any dietary restrictions that you might have as lunch will be served.

Education Summit for BVHP CBOs scheduled for Sept 1, 2010

Greetings Bayview Hunters Point CBO representatives! Thank you to all of those who attended BMAGIC’s first Summit! We learned a lot from our presenters and shared in a dynamic dialogue with participation from service providers and other members of the city and community! Please see below for the minutes detailing what was discussed.


Please join us on September 1, 2010 from 10 am- 12pm for an informative and interactive discussion around the status of the San Francisco Unified School District, and engage with Assistant Superintendent Patricia Gray and New Day for Learning Director Margaret Brodkin.

Please RSVP to Julia Weisner,, as soon as possible and note any dietary restrictions that you might have as lunch will be served.

Click here for the 2010 Education Summit for BVHP CBOs Flier

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March 15, 2011- BVHP Community Convener Meeting

Please join us for March’s Convener Meeting in which we will discuss the San Francisco City budget update, violence prevention, gang injunctions, and community presentations.

Civil Gang Injunction in Bayview/Hunters Point

According to the San Francisco Superior Court’s March 15, 2007 Judgment Granting Permanent Injunction against the Oakdale Mob, the court-ordered Safety Zone is “located in the City and County of San Francisco, bounded by Griffith Street to the east, Palou Avenue to the south, Ingalls Street to the west, and Navy Road to the north, continuing straight beyond the end of Navy Road to where it would intersect with Ingalls Street, and including both sides of those four boundaries streets.” The map is below:


Attached below are the documents that will be handed out at the meeting:

City Attorney Injunction Against Oakdale Mob

Betraying the Model City: How Gang Injunctions Fail Oakland

Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Update (Handout)

Tips for successful marketing through Facebook

To market your business successfully on Facebook, you need to understand Facebook’s unique opportunities, consider drip email campaign services and know how it differs from other media. Just as you wouldn’t run a radio ad on television, you shouldn’t market on Facebook the way you’d market in a magazine or on your website.

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Promote your Facebook page
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Use Facebook Insights to learn more about your customers
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