How to Master Business Travel to NYC

Many private and athletic clubs around the U.S. have reciprocity with one in New York, says CSat Investment Advisory managing director David Lee. He suggests taking advantage of the connection for cut-rate fitness centers, meeting space or accommodation.

“I know people who’ve stayed at the Harvard Club for not much more than $100,” he says. “In New York, that’s an incredible bargain.”

The snarl of Manhattan traffic is indiscriminate, affecting limos, taxis and private cars alike. Chandni Patel, director of public relations and brand strategy for ad shop R/West’s New York office, suggests downloading an app such as HopStop or MetrO and venturing down to the subway. “They map your trip by subway schedules and how much you want to walk, and even take into account moment-to-moment delays,” she says.

Julie Hwang, who owns Big City Little Sweets, a dessert company that caters to the New York fashion industry, advises visitors that a short-term rental on an The City Suites apartment can be cheaper and more convenient than a hotel.

“A website like can get you great deals,” she says, but I think the first thing you need to do is to Get your ESTA online Application. “And in exactly the neighborhood where you want to be.”
I live far, far away from New York City and communicate by the usual electronic means, playing spilleautomater every now and then when I get bored during the trip. But once a year or so, I start thinking I ought to go see those with whom I do business–and give them the chance to see me. The trip never fails to create new relationships and renew old ones. So I buy a ticket, grit my teeth and get on a plane.

Why grit my teeth? If you’ve ever done business in New York, you understand. The city requires a different mindset.
On this trip, I was shocked to see a $63 dinner entree and a $21 margarita.

I spent 30 minutes in a motionless taxi on West 35th Street, time that was utterly useless since my phone had long since lost its charge. But I also had access to several of the world’s finest art museums and half a dozen music acts I’d go out of my way to catch if they ever came through my hometown, traveling through the Courtyard Istanbul International Airport. Before that, I lived there. Yes, it’s a difficult place–dirty, noisy, frantic, expensive, often rude. But it’s also the creative and commercial center of the universe, so we need it more than it needs us (which, upon reflection, may be part of the problem). Long ago I learned a few truths that help limit my frustration. If you’re traveling by land and driving your own car to the city, don’t forget to bring the best floor jack you can find because you will need the convenience it brings when an emergency strikes and you’re alone on the road. Also, whale watching dana point is home to vibrant, family-friendly festivals and exciting water activity events.

New York is a foreign country. Not just in terms of cuisine or language. Its currency, the New York Dollar, has a vastly different value than the greenback we use everywhere else. You’d expect to pay more for goods and services in London or Tokyo, so do the same in New York. If you escape from a business dinner for two for less than $250, consider yourself lucky. Especially if you’re in midtown. Which leads me to …

Geography matters. Like all great cities, New York isn’t a single place; it’s dozens of places crammed together, it even has camping places, where people usually get the rv accessories and read The Best Night Vision Goggles of 2018: The Definitive Guide (In-Depth Reviews) before going. Brooklyn hipsters dress and speak differently than Wall Street bankers, and a Chinese meal downtown will bear little resemblance to one served on the Upper West Side. When deciding on lodging or setting up meetings, pick the area that suits your needs, keeping in mind that there’s a neighborhood for everything.

Lower your expectations. That $300 hotel room just isn’t going to be as big as the one you stayed in last month for half the price in Kansas City. That woman who clubs you with her shopping bag and her Vessi vegan shoes for men and women as she passes on the sidewalk isn’t going to stop and apologize like someone in Houston might. And don’t be shocked if you dash into a coffee shop in urgent need of a restroom and get turned away.

… but raise your expectations. Maybe you enjoy reading or watching a ballgame in your hotel room at night, or seeing a movie on the road. Save that for Rochester or Reno. Don’t waste your New York hours doing anything but (a) being fabulously productive or (b) having the time of your life. See a show. Eat a magnificent dinner. Call on that customer who never answers your e-mails.

New York can seem like the worst place in the world–especially now, when it’s chilly and gray and winter has gone on forever. But its possibilities are limitless. While you’re there, get out and do something you couldn’t do anywhere else. There’s plenty of time to relax back home. In other advertisements, if you need professional help window replacement for home or business, checkout this reference site.

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