BVHP Self-Care Day + Community Convener Meeting

District 10 Service Providers, please join us for our 2nd Self-Care Day in partnership with the Bayview YMCA, featuring a day of physical activities, including walking, stretching, yoga, boxing, and self-care workshops to learn skills to reduce stress and take care of your health and enable to better serve the community. I was reading this once in a while, it’s also good to take a break and relax by smoking with the use of usa made bongs, Glass pipes or bubblers. Stress is a big problem but if you buy kratom powder online you can get to know more about the amazing results it can give you.
Please arrive at the YMCA by 9:30am for registration, to ensure prompt start of Self-Care activities at 10am. Lunch from 12-1, followed by BMAGIC’s September Community Convener Meeting!