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The mission of Aim High is to inspire a life-long love of learning and instill a sense of community, opportunity, and respect so that students are prepared for success in school and life.

Our Summer Program
Aim High is the largest academic summer program provider in the Bay Area, operating campuses in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin County and San Mateo County. The program combines intensive, engaging and challenging academic classes with activities and events that create opportunities for leadership development and community exploration. Students join after 5th or 6th grade, and participate for three or four consecutive summers – at no cost to them or their families. Learn more about our summer

Our Students
Over the last 25 years, Aim High has changed the lives of over 5,000 low-income youth. By reaching youth during the critical transition from childhood to adulthood, Aim High instills a deep love of learning through an engaging, personalized and supportive summer school program. The key to Aim High’s success is the network of support built around young people over the course of their years in the program. The majority of the youth we serve come from low-income families, live in under-resourced neighborhoods, and will be the first in their families to graduate from college. Learn more about our students.

Our Teachers
Aim High not only prepares students for success in high school and higher education, but is also committed to encouraging talented young adults to serve their communities and to consider teaching as a career. We hire and train hundreds of high school and college students to teach in the summer, and hire experienced teachers who mentor the younger, less experienced teachers in the program. Many of Aim High’s faculty members are graduates of Aim High and serve as powerful role models for our students. Learn more about our teachers.

2012 Student ApplicationAim High is now accepting applications for NEW students to the 2012 summer program!

Summer Program Dates: June 25th – July 27th, 2012
Application Due Date: April 6th, 2012
Decision Letters Mailed Out: May 1st, 2012


San Francisco

  1. Lick Wilmerding HS; 755 Ocean Ave.; (Ingleside) 6,7,8th Graders
  2. Urban School: 1563 Page St. (The Haight) 6,7,8th Graders
  3. Presidio Middle School; 450 30th Ave. (Richmond) 6,7,8th Graders
  4. Yick Wo Elementary; 2245 Jones St.; (Chinatown) 6,7,8th Graders
  5. SF Community School; 125 Excelsior St. (Excelsior) 5,6,7,8th Graders
  6. ER Taylor School; 423 Burrows St. (Portola) 5,6,7,8th Graders
  7. Mission High School; 3750 18th St. (Mission) 6,7th Graders

Please visit http://aimhigh.org/students/student_application.html for full application!

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