Bayview Neighborhood History Day, 11/19

In memory of Mrs. Eloise Westbrook, a champion of BVHP

Saturday, November 19,2011

George Washington Carver Elementary School
1360 Oakdale (near Keith Street)
Parking Available!
Near MUNI Lines T, 23, 24, 44


-Panels moderated by local historian and publisher, John Templeton

  • History of Nightclubs in the Bayview
  • The Black Cuisine Festival
  • Seeds of My Success: Stories from the Bayview
  • “Reflections on my father”

-A brief history of Bayview/Hunters Point
-Interview with Mrs. Espanola Jackson
-Displays of historic photographs and artwork
-Refreshments provided

Sponsored by:
-San Francisco Public Library
-Friends of the San Francisco Public Library

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