2011 DCYF Needs Assessment Report

The Department of Children, Youth & Their Families is excited to present the final 2011 Community Needs Assessment which was approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  DCYF’s 2011 Community Needs Assessment was informed by a rich set of data and extensive public engagement. Sources of information included census and population survey data, City administrative databases, neighborhood meetings attended by 743 residents, a survey of 145 community-based organizations, conversations with 20 policy and advisory bodies, focus groups involving more than 80 parents and providers, and interviews with key City leaders.  All told, DCYF’s commitment to broad community engagement resulted in the participation of more than 1,000 individuals in this Needs Assessment.

Please find the document below, as it provides key findings and statistics on our City’s youth, their families, and overall needs to ensure healthy child development and academic success in San Francisco.

2011 DCYF Needs Assessment Overview Report

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