Considering Participating in Community/Neighborhood Court?

Community and Neighborhood Courts are run by the District Attorney’s Office in partnership with the Police Department.


SIX Things You Should Know Before Making A Decision:

1. It is YOUR decision whether or not to  participate.

2. DO NOT say anything about your arrest or case to anyone until  you have decided to participate.

3.  You can speak to a defense attorney at no cost to you by calling the Public Defender’s Office at (415) 553-1671. Ask for the Attorney of the Day.

4. If you decide not to participate in a Community or Neighborhood Court, your case may or may not be prosecuted.

5. If your case is prosecuted and you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to defend you.

6. Your arrest will remain on your record even after you have fulfilled all obligations at a Community or Neighborhood Court.
Source: San Francisco Public Defender’s Office



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