MAMAS Study ~ Seeking Pregnant Women ~ Classes Begin Mid February!

Let’s support UCSF in their next round of classes for the MAMAS Study which tests interventions including stress reduction techniques, this time the Originelle team will be a part of it, healthy eating and active lifestyle to promote healthy weight gain during pregnancy for overweight women. Their currently seeking 30 participants for classes beginning February 22nd.

Prenatal care is attempt of having a healthy lifestyle while a women is pregnant. This includes making good meal choices and going to the doctor for regular checkups. When women maintain a healthy lifestyle they will be more likely to give birth to a healthy baby.

It is important for women to schedule a doctor appointment as soon as they can. doctors will start by reviewing your medical history to make sure the baby won’t be affected by any health conditions. Doctors will also ask about your symptoms. At each visit, the doctor will record your weight and blood pressure. These measurements help to track your health during pregnancy, this way they know it anything is wrong.

Pregnant women should take at least 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid each day after knowing for sure they are pregnant. It can help prevent problems with the baby’s brain and spinal cord. CBD oil can also be a good option for vitamins, since CBD is considered to be a muscle relaxant, CBD can help women with contractions, to take away their pain. Those who are interested can learn more about Cannabis Oil here. Image result for cannabis

Cannabis oil helps all the uncomfortable symptoms that may accompany a woman during pregnancy and the first few months after childbirth, like nausea, chronic pain and migraines that are just a few of the physical symptoms. Psychologically some women are faced with severe anxiety and depression, especially after giving birth. These are symptoms that are known for being at least partially ameliorated with cannabis.  Now there are many ways to consume it in a healthier way than smoking it, like the complete relief cbd products.

How long should pregnant women work for?
This is something that varies for each person. Each job and work environment play a big role. For instance, radiation, lead and other materials, such as copper and mercury, can be harmful for a baby. If your job is active, you may not be able to work as late.


If you have patients/clients who might benefit from participation, please
feel free to have them contact Nina Fry at (415) 600-5772

See Flier Below for more details:Phase II-Wave 2 Flier 2010-1220

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