Emergency Planning Workshop for City Nonprofits

2010 Citywide Nonprofit Monitoring Program

Emergency Planning
Create a plan to keep your organization up and running even in an emergency
And meet Nonprofit Monitoring Guideline Requirements


Topics include:

• The need for an Emergency Operations Plan
• The Agency Emergency Plan – The process of writing your plan
• Having  a Business Continuity Arrangement
• The Disaster Mission Statement – Where it all begins
• Risk Assessment – Internal and external risks that may affect your ability to deliver services
• Preparing staff and volunteers
• Emergency Management through ICS – Incident Command System
• Drills and exercises – practicing your plan
• Integrating your organization into the Community of Preparedness – VOAD, Citizen Corps, Bay Area  CAN
• Documentation – Meeting city, county and other granting authority standards

Technical Workshop will be held at

San Francisco City Hall, Room 421
Monday, March 29, 2010

Sign-ups are limited so please reserve your seat now

Please contact Patti Erickson at 415-554-4542 or Patti.Erickson@sfgov.org
for more information or to sign up!

Emergency Planning (PDF)