BVHP Community Convener Meeting

The attendees of the January 2010 BVHP Community Convener Meeting participated in a group discussion regarding the outcomes of the 2009 BMAGIC Youth Winter Ball, and a greater analysis of barriers to participating in community events.

The Transportation Authority, led by Jesse Koehler, presented on different community models for cooperative transportation solutions to support youth, seniors, program staff and clients in getting around their city and immediate community in response to the need exposed in the BMAGIC Landscape Analysis Report.

NOTES: Promoting healthy bodies and minds: learn about obesity, diabetes, Výsledek obrázku pro healthy lifestyleHIV/AIDS , Hepatitis B, cancer, asthma, and putting families first! Free healthy food and activities! If your child is experiencing any pain. You can even make sure your entire family has great health by getting insurance and the seniors in your family have a special health care provider and assistance. You can learn more about our caregiving services and how a home care assistance works for you and any other member of your family. It is important to keep a healthy lifestyle and living in a good home care community gives you a better quality lifestyle and provides you a healthier mindset and body.

Please see our posted minutes and agenda for more information.  You can also download the presentation materials by clicking on the Materials icon below.