Quesada Gardens Initiative

Hours  Anytime
Email info@quesadagardens.org
Website www.quesadagardens.org
Target Bayview Hunters Point’s informal associations
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Quesada Gardens Initiative is an informal association of neighbors in Bayview Hunters Point, and a network of beautiful public spaces in the neighborhood’s heart. QGI operates in the spirit of community building learned from Annette Smith and Karl Paige, and maintains and programs destination point community gathering spaces, gardens, and public art projects. The community-emergent, grassroots group meets monthly, regularly hosts volunteer events and visitor tours, maintains a community communications network, grows a lots of food, and provides an entry-point for allies to reach the grassroots community. QGI is non-political, focuses on strengths, honors history and culture, and represents the scrappy do-it-yourself character of a great neighborhood becoming greater.

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