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Bayview Footprints of Community Building Groups. was formed in 2007 by Bayview History Preservation Project (Linda Brooks-Burton), Blue Dolphin Youth Swim Team (James Ross), Quesada Gardens Initiative (Jeffrey Betcher), Think Round Inc. (Heidi Hardin), ttdigital (Thomas Kennedy) and many other early member groups and organizers. The network of community-building groups – many of them informal – committed to working together to make the Bayview stronger though positive strategies like creating community-defined art, helping our youth achieve health and success, preserving our history, growing community gardens, and telling a balanced story about a maligned neighborhood.

Today, Bayview Footprints is primarily a community communications network facilitated by Quesada Gardens Initiative. A free bi-weekly e-newsletter (Bayview Footprints Local News) reaches several thousand subscribers, and the neighborhood longest-running blog, It’s What Community Looks Like, serves nearly 600 posts about a great neighborhood and its people. The group also hosts special issue Footprints Forums.

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