Outreach Resources

WHO: Bayview Footprints

WHAT: Online comprehensive community calendar, longest-running blog, resource hubs, and e-newsletter

CONTACT: Please email Elizabeth Skow elizabethskow@gmail.com with ideas and questions.

NOTES: Bayview Footprints needs contributing writers, poets, photographers, videographers, cartoonists and … well … YOU! Please send us something of interest to a Bayview Hunters Point audience. If it’s something you’re proud of, we’ll probably love it. Contact us if you’d like to be a regular contributor, perhaps on a specific topic. We’re open to most anything. Some of the best submissions come from people who have never published and who do not consider themselves writers, photographers and the like. There’s really too much going on in Bayview Hunters Point these days for Footprints’ volunteers to keep up with.  Find submission guidelines online.


WHAT: Weekly community calendar

WHEN: All entries are due on Wednesday by 2pm for the Thursday publication.

CONTACT: community@bayviewmagic.org or (415) 558-2488

NOTES: To submit entries please use the following format: WHO: WHAT: WHERE: WHEN: CONTACT: NOTES: At this time we do not post fliers, please use the calendar submission format.

WHO: Hoodline

WHAT: Daily & Weekly newsletter, online news source.

WHEN: Daily – Limited Press on Saturday and Sunday. Email event listings and story pitches daily before 10am.

CONTACT: Meaghan Mitchell (Bayview Editor for Hoodline.com) Meaghan@hoodline.com

NOTES: Hoodline.com is a main source of neighborhood news in San Francisco, where we reach around half the citywide readership, as well as in Oakland and the wider Bay Area. It’s also where we test new ideas in local media, data and products for the world. Our team of writers, editors and analysts helps to shape our global content operation.

WHO: KMEL 106.1 FM

WHAT: Street Soldiers Call-In Radio show with Dr. Joseph Marshall

WHEN: Sunday evenings, 8-10pm

CONTACT: http://www.street-soldiers.org/ss_multimedia.htm

NOTES: Street Soldiers is an Omega Boys Club sponsored, solutions oriented, weekly call-in show for youth that focuses on the issues of violence, gangs, drugs, teen pregnancy and other topics which need attention in the community.


CONTACT: www.kpoo.com, Francesca@kpoo.com, (415) 346-5376, @dj_francesca_

NOTES: KPOO is an independent, listener-sponsored, non-commercial radio station. KPOO broadcasts 24 hours a day on 160 watts, with a radiated power of 270 watts, covering San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay Area. KPOO gives voice to the concerns of low-income communities in San Francisco. Founded by Poor People’s Radio, Inc., KPOO’s ongoing mission has been to open the airwaves to the disenfranchised and underserved.

WHO: Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services

WHAT: MONS Newsletter

CONTACT: If you would like an announcement or event featured in one of our newsletters, please contact Ashley Cheng with suggestions or requests at ashley.cheng@sfgov.org

NOTES: Please provide with jpeg files of any images or flyers you would like featured, along with a brief description of the event. The deadline to submit a post to this monthly newsletter is the 25th of each month.

QUIEN: Nuestros Ninos

QUE: El programa de radio para crecer y aprender en familia

CUANDO: Todos los Domingos de 8 a 9 AM

DONDE: La Kalle 100.7/105.7 FM, KBBF 89.1 FM y www.nuestrosninos.com

LLAME: 1-866-996-4667 Para más información y recursos o visite el sitio de Internet: www.nuestrosninos.com

NOTES: es un programa de radio que comparte información, inspiración, y recursos para familias, educadores y proveedores. Es un foro comunitario sobre la crianza infantil. Únase con la Doctora

Marisol y sus invitados cada domingo. Llame a 1-866-99-NINOS (64667) con sus comentarios, consejos y consultas, y visite www.nuestrosninos.com para más información y para escuchar programas pasados.

WHO: San Francisco Bay View Newspaper

WHAT: Monthly newspaper

CONTACT: Please call (415) 671-0789 or email editor@sfbayview.com to list article, a copy of the paper and to discuss your advertising plans. http://sfbayview.com/advertise/

NOTES: San Francisco’s official Black outreach newspaper, is the best way to reach the Black community.

WHO: San Francisco Police Department, Bayview Station

WHAT: Newsletter

CONTACT: Officer E. Teper, SFPDBayviewStation@sfgov.org

NOTES: Community Updates are an information newsletter to inform the Bayview residents of incidents and programming occurring in the district.

WHO: San Francisco Unified School District

WHAT: Request to Distribute Materials to SFUSD Sites

CONTACT: http://www.sfusd.edu/en/news/request-to-distribute.html, newsline@sfusd.edu or at (415) 241-6565

NOTES: For any questions, comments or concerns, please read the FAQ page. If you are having trouble with the online request form, please email newsline@sfusd.edu your completed application information and all required documents.

WHO: San Francisco Youth Commission

WHAT: We can include updates in our online calendar and twice-monthly newsletter

CONTACT: Send all upcoming events and opportunities to youthcom@sfgov.org or call the Youth Commission (415) 554-6446

NOTES: SF Youth Commission especially like to post events and resources for youth and adult allies.

WHO: The Potrero View

WHAT: Monthly on-line and printed newsletter

CONTACT: Please send to production@potreroview.net the following by the 10th of the month previous to the event.

NOTES: Submit a three- to five-sentence description of your event, and include the following information at the end, in this order: Date, Title, Description: 3 to 5 sentences, Cost, Time, Place, Information.

WHO: Totally Inspired Productions


WHERE: Comcast Channel 29 or go to BAVC.ORG Livestream 29. Also, now on AT&T ch 99 at 4:30 pm.

WHEN: Every Monday at 4:30 pm.

CONTACT: Lynn Daniels, (415) 683-0459, ldhotshot@hotmail.com

NOTES: Show produced by Lynn Daniels of Totally Inspired Productions