3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic

Contact  Joi Jackson-Morgan (Deputy Director)
Address 1728 Bancroft Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-1707
Fax (415) 822-1723
Hours M-F: 1pm-7pm (Youth Center) M-F: 1pm-5pm (Clinic)
Email info@3rdStyouth.org
Website www.3rdstyouth.org
Target youth & adults ages 12-24
Additional Languages  Spanish

3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic is a community based non-profit youth organization in Bayview Hunters Point with medical and behavioral health services and programming.  3rd Street specializes in empowering youth to make decisions to support their health, safety and development.  Youth ages 12-24 can utilize our youth center and FREE clinic resources Monday-Friday from 1pm-5pm.  Clinic services include pregnancy testing, HIV and STD tests, birth control and physicals.  We also offer paid youth programming ranging from nutrition, music production, exercise classes, support groups, health education, and outreach Monday-Friday from 5pm-7 pm.


A. Philip Randolph Institute San Francisco

Contact Dedria Smith
Address 1301 Evans Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 821-4777
Fax (415) 821-4733
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
Email aprisf@sbcglocal.net
Website www.aprisf.org
Target Youth and adults
Additional Languages

We are a community based organization that serves San Francisco residents particularly in Bayview Hunter Point since 1994.  Our mission has been to support racial equality and economic justice and to advocate for disadvantaged communities throughout San Francisco through community engagement and civic participation.  We connect job seekers to career inspiring opportunities.

Bayview Hunters Point Foundation for Community Improvement, Inc. – Strengthening Families Project

Contact Terry Ryan (Assistant Program Director)
Address 5015 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-1585
Fax (415) 822-6443
Hours varies
Email terry.ryan@bayviewci.org
Website www.bayviewci.org
Target African American, Latino, & Samoan Youth and TAY – (Ages 12-24)
Additional Languages

Strengthening Families Project (SFP) is a 14-week parent/teen program. Families that participate in this program are Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Guardians with their children ages 12-16. The program is designed to coach families in a safe healthy environment. Using a collaborative learning process, we teach parents and teens how to communicate better, and we emphasize cultural differences among the different generations. A family meal is prepared and used as a venue to eat dinner together and have meaningful conversations. Separate skill building groups are facilitated for the adults and teens. At the end of the session, the families are joined together to share what they learned. We also offer fieldtrips for SFP families to use as a bonding experience (Circus, Baseball Games, Movies and other outings).

BVHP Foundation

Family Mosaic Project

Contact Janet Avila
Address 1309 Evans Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 206-7600
Fax (415) 206-7630
Hours M-F 8:30am-5pm
Email  janet.avila@sfdph.org
Website  www.bayviewci.org/family-mosaic-program-fmp
Target Children and youth aged 2-17
Additional Languages Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese

Family Mosaic Project offers intensive care management and wraparound services for children and youth living in San Francisco who have been identified as having severe emotional and/or behavioral difficulties that place them at risk for out-of-home placement. Utilizing a strengths-based, family-focused approach, case managers partner with clients, families, and other service providers to develop goals and identify interventions that will improve clients ability to function safely and effectively at home, school, and in the community. In addition to mental health interventions and supports, other services may include mentoring, education testing, tutoring and respite care.


Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Fax  (415) 822-7769
Hours M-F: 6am-8pm, Sat: 8am-4:30pm, Sun: 8:30am-1pm
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Students between the ages of 14-19 years old
Additional Languages

The Bayview Hunters Point YMCA offers a comprehensive range of programs and services to support children, youth and families in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We strive to help youth and families develop positive directions in life by creating programs that increase educational achievement, sustainability, increase leadership skills, provide civic engagement opportunities, and offer recreational activities.  Our area of focus includes healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility.  We accomplish this through the following programs:

Bayview TLC Family Resource Center

Contact Tami Minix
Address 1601 Lane Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Hours  Varies
Email aminix@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Families
Additional Languages Spanish

Family support services at the Bayview Y are designed to provide families opportunities to gain access to services and supports towards becoming self-sufficient and healthy.  Services offered include case management, gender specific support groups, visitation, community events, information and resources.

Huntersview Family Service Center

Contact Cherisse Harper
Address 1101 Fairfax Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 724-3956
Hours  Varies
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Families
Additional Languages Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taishaness

Huntersview Family Service Center provides the following to the Huntersview community: case management, workforce development support, healthy eating and active living opportunities, and community building.

Center For Academic Re-ENTRY and Empowerment (CARE)

Contact Eason Ramson
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Hours Varies
Email eramson@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Students between the ages of 14-19 years old
Additional Languages

CARE is a re-engagement center for youth who are chronically or habitually truant or have dropped out of school.  Students are provided advocacy and supports needed to complete high school and to transition to positive post-secondary options.


School Site Mentoring Program

Contact Alem Ambachew
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Email yambachew@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Middle School and High School students
Additional Languages

SSM serves students at local schools providing students case management, advocacy and support groups.  Referrals may be made by contacting us directly.


Out of School Time Programs

Contact Sarah Ballard-Hanson (Bayview Beacon Director) and

Tiffany Camp for BVHP YMCA at George Washington Carver Elementary

Address 400 Mansell Street, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone (415) 469-4550 ext. 1710
Hours M-F: 3pm-6pm unless noted in descriptions below
Email sballard-hanson@ymcasf.net and tcamp@ymcasf.net
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Children, youth, adults
Additional Languages

The Bayview Beacon, a program of the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, has a hub center located at the best high school in San Francisco, Phillip & Sala Burton Academic High School, and a satellite center located at the best middle school in San Francisco, MLK Jr. Academic Middle School!  In partnership with each school, we are implementing the community school’s model to ensure that every student graduates college ready.  The Bayview Beacon gives youth the tools to thrive, while also strengthening the legs that support them: parents, family and community.  All Beacon programs and services are free and are open to everyone – especially students, parents and residents of Bayview Hunters Point, the Portola District, and Visitacion Valley.

BVHP YMCA – Beacon @ Willie Brown Middle School – Prasant Nukalapati: The new Beacon at Willie L. Brown Middle School is located at 2055 Silver Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124.  Along with out-of-school time activities fo ryouth, there will also be services and events focused on adults and families.  The Beacon’s STEAM focused programming includes: homework help/tutoring, cultural arts, cooking, employment, college/career explorations and sports.


Contact Tiffany Camp for BVHP YMCA at George Washington Carver Elementary
Address 1360 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone (415) 424-8512
Hours M-F: 3pm-6pm
Email tcamp@ymcasf.net
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Children, youth, adults
Additional Languages

BVHP YMCA @ GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER ELEMENTARY: The Carver After School Program, a program of the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA, provides a safe space and learning opportunities after school for Carver Elementary students.  The program runs daily until 6:00 and offers a healthy snack along with comprehensive enrichment, recreation and academic programming.  Throughout the program, our goal is to provide all participants with the highest-quality youth development experience.  This approach builds young people’s resiliency as they face their daily challenges and supports their natural inclination to pursue their own growth into healthy, productive young adults.

Middle School Programming

The Fellas/Just 4 Girls is a middle school program designed to provide a safe environment for boys/girls to learn to navigate their way through the perils of the community/school and to become involved in positive activities.  We accomplish this by providing a balance of academic support (homework assistance), behavioral health, creative arts leadership, sports/recreation, community safety  and advocacy.  Our target population are youth in middle school who reside in District 10.  Our middle school program is open M-F 3:30pm-7pm following the San Francisco Unified School District calendar.


Just Choizes Teen Center/Multi Media Center

Contact  Sarah Ballard-Hanson (Bayview Beacon Director)
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone (415) 469-4550 ext. 1710
Hours M-F: 3:30pm-7pm
Email  sballard-hanson@ymcasf.net
Website www.ymcasf.org
Target 8th Grade-High School students
Additional Languages

Just Choizes, a social justice program, empowers youth to become change makers in their community.  The program will focus on 2 large projects per year that aim to make significant local impact.  Youth can apply for Just Choizes positions at 2 points throughout the school year.  Youth will attend Just Choizes programs one day a week for 2 hours each day.  Hours increase after each action project is established; youth will also attend field trips outside of weekly groups.  Youth are residents of District 10. 

Transitional Aged Youth Workforce Program

Contact  Demetrius Durham
Address  1601 Lane Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone  (415) 822-7728
Hours Varies
Email  ddurham@ymcasf.net
Website www.ymcasf.org
Target Youth and young adults ages 16-27
Additional Languages

The TAY Program provides groups, case management, leadership development and skill building for youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24 years old.  Referrals can be made by contacting us directly.

Primed and Prepped

Contact Kelly Armstrong
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Hours Varies
Email karmstrong@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Students aged14-18
Additional Languages

Primed and Prepped is a culinary arts and hospitality management program for students aged 14-19 years old.  Students gain real life skills that will prepare them for the workforce and other post-secondary opportunities.  Additionally, students who complete the program have opportunities for employment and apprenticeships in the industry.  Enrollment is open.

Sports & Recreation

Contact Tino Ellington
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Fax (415) 822-7769
Hours Varies
Email cellington@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Additional Languages

For ten years the Bayview YMCA has provided sports offerings for children and youth in the community.  Participants can expect to learn the core YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility as they also learn the fundamentals of their respective sports interests, the importance of team work, sportsmanship and commitment.  Enrollment varies depending on the season.


Facility Membership

Contact Adaysha Patton
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Hours  M-F: 6am-8pm, Sat: 8am-4:30pm, Sun: 8:30am-1pm
Email apatton@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Additional Languages

Facility Membership opportunities are available to all.  Our membership offers opportunities for individuals and families to our wellness coaches, new fitness center, gymnasium, group exercise classes (both low and high impact classes).  Some classes include: strength and conditioning, Zumba, Move to Improve, children’s ballet, wellness walks, and so much more!

African American Holistic Wellness Program

Contact Gigi Hill-Hopkins
Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Hours  Varies
Email ghill-hopkins@ymcasf.org
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target  African American adults
Additional Languages

The AAHW provides opportunities within the Bayview Hunters Point, Western Addition and OMIE communities in San Francisco, to provide wellness amongst the African American community.  This is accomplished through social connectedness opportunities such as family events, health and wellness activities, support groups, and short-term counseling.

Community Health and Wellness – SF Live D 10

Address 1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-7728
Hours  Varies
Website www.ymcasf.org/bayview
Target Adults living in D 10
Additional Languages

The SF Live D 10 Program is a community health and wellness program designed to provide access to healthy living programs to District 10 community members.


Coleman Advocates For Children & Youth

Main Office

Contact  Keith Snodgrass
Address 459 Vienna Street. San Francisco. CA 94112
Phone (415) 710-1964
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
Email  ksnodgrass@colemanadvocates.org
Website www.colemanadvocates.org
Target Parents and children
Additional Languages Spanish

Parents Making a Change (PMAC) organizes parents and develops their leadership skills to advocate and implement school site and district-wide campaigns.



Contact Melissa Akers (Program Coordinator)
Address 1001 Portrero Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone (415) 206-4947
Hours M-F: 8am-5pm
Email eatsf@ucsf.edu
Website www.eatsfvoucher.org
Target Families with children 12 years old or younger in the household OR low-income adults with diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart failure, obesity, and HIV
Additional Languages  Spanish

EatSF is a free fruit and vegetable voucher program for families with young children and low-income adults with diabetes, hypertension, chronic heart failure, HIV, or obesity.  Participants receive their vouchers from select community-based organizations and are able to use them to purchase fruits and vegetables at participating grocery and corner stores in their community.  Our vision is that all low-income San Francisco residents, in all neighborhoods, will have access to healthy food at the market where they regularly shop.

Edgewood Center for Children and Families – Family Support Services

Contact Kristine Herbert, Office Manager
Address 3801 3rd St., Suite 610, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 375-7630
Fax (415) 648-4410
Hours M-W, F: 10am-4pm; Th by appointment
Email iKinshipSF@edgewood.org
Website www.iKinship.org
Target Families and Grandparents raising children
Additional Languages  Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese

Edgewood’s Family Resource Center serves families and children in the Bayview Hunter’s Point Community and surrounding areas. We are a drop-in center offering resources and information that support families year round. We offer parenting classes, child development activities, mental health services, and case management. We partner with other community organizations to offer support and services to family.

Jelani, INC. San Francisco

Contact Norman Mathis
Address 1601 Quesada Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-5945
Fax (415) 671-1042 /
(415) 822-5945
Hours M-F: 8am-4:30pm
Email nmathis@jelanihouse.org
Website www.jelanihouse.org
Target Pregnant women, single women parents, couples and single men with children
Additional Languages

Residential substance abuse treatment for pregnant women, single parents and couples with children.  Children have to be in their custody or CPS placement as long as there are reunification services.

La Casa de las Madres

Contact  Connie Swain (Senior Domestic Violence Liaison)
Address 1815 Egbert Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 715-3129 or (877) 503-1850 (toll-free/24 hours)
Fax (415) 330-3396
Hours M-F: 8:30am-5pm (Hotline 24 hrs/day)
Email cswain@sfha.org
Website www.lacasa.org
Target Domestic violence survivors of all ages and backgrounds; Safe Housing Project specifically targets residents of and applicants to San Francisco Housing Authority, Section 8, and project-based vouchers.
Additional Languages  Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Samoan

The Safe Housing Project provides comprehensive domestic violence intervention and advocacy services to assist victims of domestic violence and residents/housing choice voucher recipients of the San Francisco Housing Authority.  These include survivor-based support services like emergency transfer advocacy, crisis intervention, counseling, and case management as well as site-based supports like domestic violence training for staff, outreach and education for residents, and consultations.  La Casa also offers drop in services, legal assistance with restraining orders, criminal justice advocacy, 24-hour multilingual crisis hotlines, short-term confidential shelter, and teen services.  * Also located at 1663 Mission Street, Suite 225, San Francisco, CA 94103.

LEGACY (Lifting and Empowering Generations of Adults, Children, and Youth)

Lifting Empowering Generations of Adults Children & Youth

Contact Bonnie Friedman
Address 1305 Evans Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 920-7700
Fax (415) 920-7729
Hours M-F: 8:30am-5pm
Email bonnie.friedman@sfdph.org
Target Parents/caregivers whose children are involved in one or more of the following systems: mental health, foster care, special education or juvenile justice.  We also assist transitional aged youth (TAY) from 14-21 years of age who are or have been involved in one of the systems listed above and can benefit from mentoring and navigation services in their transition to adulthood.
Additional Languages Spanish, Cantonese

Assists families in navigating agencies and services such as behavioral health, foster care, juvenile justice and special education.  Youth team, family/parent advocate, parenting classes, girls group, mentoring and other psycho-educational work groups.

Bayview Clinic – Marin City Health and Wellness Center

Contact Marlenea Watkins (Outreach Specialist)
Address 6301 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 339-8813
Fax (415) 339-8814
Hours M, Tue, F: 9am-5pm; W: 9am-3pm; Thursdays: Closed
Email info@marincityclinic.org
Website https://bayviewclinic.org/
Target African American families, public housing residents, homeless and the general population
Additional Languages  Spanish

Come to the Bayview Clinic for all your healthcare needs! Services include primary medical, dental, behavioral and maternal healthcare, HEAL (Healthy Eating Active Living) education, and youth leadership programs. Our mission is to provide innovative health and wellness services to all, with the goal of African American health equity. We are located in the historic Arthur H. Coleman Medical Center, founded in 1960 by a local leader and community health pioneer. The Bayview Clinic is affiliated with Marin City Health & Wellness Center, founded in 2006 to provide care for and by African Americans.

Meals on Wheels of San Francisco

Contact  Harvi Brantley
Address 1375 Fairfax Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone (415) 920-1111
Fax (415) 920-1110
Hours M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm
Email info@mowsf.org
Website www.mowsf.org
Target Seniors / Homebound Seniors / Young Adults With Disabilities
Additional Languages

MOWSF and its volunteers provide seniors what they need to live independent and dignified lives – nutritious meals, professional social work and friendly human contact.

Parents For Public Schools of San Francisco

Contact Cayla Allen (African American Community Advocate)
Address 3543 18th Street #1, San Francisco CA 94110
Phone (415) 861-7077
Hours M-F: 9am-6pm
Email info@ppssf.org
Website www.ppssf.org
Target Prospective and current public school family members of students from preschool to 12th grade
Additional Languages Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese

Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco (PPS-SF) work with families, students and community members to understand and improve the San Francisco public school system. Our services include:
– Workshops to inform families about the public school enrollment process from preschool (PreK) through high school
– Leadership training for families to participate and engage with their public schools.
– Parent Support Groups on how to support students’ success
– Office hours at various sites to ask for advice on topics related to public schools.

Parents Who Care

Contact Walter Turner
Phone (415) 710-1148
Hours 24 Hours
Email wintersnfall@hotmail.com
Target Youth & Parents
Additional Languages

Counseling, Case Management, Community Assessments, Advocates for Youth, Surrogate Parent Program.

The Salvation Army

Bayview Hunters Point Ministry

Contact Jen Arens
Address 4622 3rd Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone (415) 826-9020
Email jen.arens@usw.salvationarmy.org
Website www.salvationarmy.org
Target 18 and Older
Additional Languages M-F: 9am-12pm (by appointment) 12pm-4:30pm Drop In

The Salvation Army Bayview Hunters Point Ministry focuses on relationships, recovery, resources, and referrals. Women’s Day activities include art classes, women’s Bible studies, and empowerment groups that allow women to explore their inner beauty while equipping them with the tools needed to improve their lives, their families, and their community. Our recovery programs help anyone who is struggling with addiction but have decided that they want what we have; sanity and wholeness. Group classes and individual counseling are offered to help area residents with a variety of issues including resume building, job searches, domestic violence, addiction, healthy relationships, and family issues.

Family Service Center

Contact Vicky Li
Address 5600 3rd Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone (415) 647-5353
Hours M and Thur 9am-5pm
Email suling.li@usw.salvationarmy.org
Website www.salvationarmy.org
Target all of low-income people
Additional Languages  Mandarin, Cantonese

Assist for utility bill, rental assistant, clothing voucher, referral form filled out.

Samoan Community Development Center

Contact Patsy Tito
Address 2055 Sunnydale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94134
Phone (415) 841-1086
Fax (415) 333-1658
Hours M-F: 9am-6pm
Email scdc_sf@pacbell.net
Website www.samoancommunitysf.org
Target Samoan and Pacific Islanders
Additional Languages Samoan

SCDC provides an array of services such as senior congregate meals, senior exercise, bingo, gardening, arts & crafts, after school program K-5, case management, parenting education both in English and Samoan, housing, immigration, employment assistance, early literacy, 7 week Summer Program, and other services needed.

San Francisco Brown Bombers Football & Cheer

Contact  Ranon E. Ross, Sr.
Address 509 Mendell Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone (415) 820-1516
Fax (925) 771-1481
Hours T, W, F 5pm-7pm
Email sfbombers@hotmail.com
Website www.sfbrownbombers.org
Target Youth 5-15 years old
Additional Languages

We provide tackle football, cheerleading and dance opportunities for youth ages 5 to 15 years old.  We provide academic support and mentoring services to participants in need of services.  We provide leadership opportunities for youth and volunteer opportunities for adults through the administration of ALL our programs.  We create community partnerships to help foster community building with local businesses, government, churches, and Community Based Organizations (CBO).

San Francisco Housing Development Corporation

Contact Donna Fontenot
Address 4439 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-1010
Fax (415) 822-1077
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
Email donnalrc@sfhdc.org
Website www.sfhdc.org
Target Life skill development training
Additional Languages

I provide Life Skill Development Workshops for community. And offer Supportive Services Referrals to the community. Most of my responsibilities are with the Bayview Commons Apartments, which are dual-diagnosed families who I provide supportive service needs.

Urban Ed Academy

Contact Randal Seriguchi, Jr. (Executive Director)
Address 1485 Bayshore Blvd, Suite 210, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 330-1015
Fax (415) 762-5455
Hours Saturday: 9am-3pm
Email  rseriguchi@urbanedacademy.org
Website www.urbanedacademy.org
Target Boys 7-11 years old, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade
Additional Languages

Urban Ed Academy (UEA) is a primary service provider of educational and family support services for boys during the core developmental years of 7-11 (3rd, 4th, 5th grades) in San Francisco.  96% of boys who attend Urban Ed Academy earn better grades, have better attendance records and encounter fewer disciplinary actions.  UEA’s strategies allow youth to build on assets and provide opportunities for them to act as partners and leaders.  UEA is committed to developing strong youth-adult relationships at home and in school.

Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club at Hunters Point

Contact  Germaine Bond (Site Director)
Address 195 Kiska Rd, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 655-5160
Fax (415) 643-6114
Hours M-F: 2pm-7pm (All Ages) M-Th: 2pm-8pm & Fri: 2pm-9pm (Teens Only)
Email  gbond@kidsclub.org
Website www.kidsclub.org
Target Ages 6-18
Additional Languages Spanish

Programs Include: Leadership Programs, Power Hour Homework Assistance (Tutoring), Multi-media Programs, Community Service, The Arts, Cooking, Dance, Spoken Word, Health & Life Skills.

Signature Program: The Willie Mays Boys & Girls Club at Hunters Point is known for Sports, Fitness and Recreation programming. Whether hosting basketball or volleyball in the fall, or enjoying the state-of-the-art Junior Giants baseball field in the spring and summer, Club Members have a variety of ways to enjoy physical activity through the Club’s sports leagues.

Wu Yee Children’s Services

Hours Varies per location
Website www.wuyee.org
Target Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Classrooms: 3 months – 5 years
Additional Languages  Spanish, Cantonese

Wu Yee Children’s Services delivers a comprehensive range of services and programs for young children, parents, caretakers, and child care providers. Our Child Development Department serves children at twelve centers in neighborhoods throughout San Francisco, as well as in Family Child Care and Home Based options, through Early Head Start, Head Start, and State Preschool programs. Family services include Joy Lok Family Resource Center, Single Stop benefits assistance, child care referrals, and child care payment assistance. Child Care providers can benefit from Wu Yee’s child care provider training, food program, and participation in the Family Child Care Quality Network (FCCQN).
Wu Yee Children’s Services – Kirkwood Child Development Center
Ravelle Taylor (Center Manager)
729 Kirkwood Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Hours: M-F: 8am-4:30pm,
Phone: 415-822-5505 / 415-677-0100,  Fax: 415-822-5700,
ravelle.taylor@wuyee.org / enroll@wuyee.org

Wu Yee Children’s Services – Bayview
Bridgett Crawford (Center Manager)
1601 Lane Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm,
Phone: 415-655-9567 / 415-677-0100,  Fax: 415-525-4928,
bridgett.crawford@wuyee.org / enroll@wuyee.org

Wu Yee Children’s Services – Southeast Child Development Center
Jessica Campos (Center Manager)
1300 Phelps Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Hours: M-F: 8am-5pm,
Phone: 415-282-8200 / 415-677-0100,  Fax: 415-828-8202,
jessica.campos@wuyee.org / enroll@wuyee.org