3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic

Contact  Joi Jackson-Morgan (Deputy Director)
Address 1728 Bancroft Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-1707
Fax (415) 822-1723
Hours M-F: 1pm-7pm (Youth Center) M-F: 1pm-5pm (Clinic)
Email info@3rdStyouth.org
Website www.3rdstyouth.org
Target youth & adults ages 12-24
Additional Languages  Spanish

3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic is a community based non-profit youth organization in Bayview Hunters Point with medical and behavioral health services and programming.  3rd Street specializes in empowering youth to make decisions to support their health, safety and development.  Youth ages 12-24 can utilize our youth center and FREE clinic resources Monday-Friday from 1pm-5pm.  Clinic services include pregnancy testing, HIV and STD tests, birth control and physicals.  We also offer paid youth programming ranging from nutrition, music production, exercise classes, support groups, health education, and outreach Monday-Friday from 5pm-7 pm.


A. Philip Randolph Institute San Francisco

Contact Dedria Smith
Address 1301 Evans Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 821-4777
Fax (415) 821-4733
Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
Email aprisf@sbcglocal.net
Website www.aprisf.org
Target Youth and adults
Additional Languages

We are a community based organization that serves San Francisco residents particularly in Bayview Hunter Point since 1994.  Our mission has been to support racial equality and economic justice and to advocate for disadvantaged communities throughout San Francisco through community engagement and civic participation.  We connect job seekers to career inspiring opportunities.

All Stars Project of The San Francisco Bay Area

Contact  Rebecca Creech
Address 870 Market Street, Suite 841, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone (415) 986-2565
Fax (415) 986-2229
Hours T-Sat: 10:30am-7:30pm
Email rcreech@allstars.org
Website www.allstars.org
Target Ages 5-25 years (ASTSN); Ages 16-21 (DSY)
Additional Languages

We are a 34-year old national nonprofit after school youth development program. We transform the lives of youth and poor communities, using the developmental power of performance, in partnership with caring adults. In our programs, people learn new performances on stage and off. In the ASTSN, 5-25 year olds perform in and produce hip-hop talent shows in their neighborhood. In the DSY, 16-21 year olds receive leadership training and partner with business leaders in San Francisco’s Financial District who conduct workshops and provide paid summer internships.

BAYCAT (Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology)

Contact Katie Cruz
Address 2415 3rd Street, Suite 230, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 701-8228
Fax (415) 701-9228
Hours M-F: 9:30am-5:30pm (Office Hours) Program Hours M-F:4:30pm-6:30pm (Spring & Fall) M-F:1pm-5pm (Summer)
Email program@baycat.org
Website www.baycat.org
Target Youth ages 11-17 and young adults 18-24
Additional Languages Spanish

Digital Media

Filmmaking, Music Production, Music Video Production, Animation, Graphic Arts, workshops internships.

Education and Job Training

BAYCAT provides free after-school and summer programs for youth ages 11-17, and also provides a number of adult workshops in media arts.

In addition, BAYCAT is a full-service media studio providing local and national clients with video, audio, web, print and identity design services.

Bayview Boom

Contact John Weiss (Director)
Address PO Box 24098, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 689-4335
Hours Hours vary
Email john@bayviewboom.org
Website www.bayviewboom.org
Target Boys and Girls, ages 10-20, approximately
Additional Languages

The Bayview BOOM is an engineering and entrepreneurship “school-of-the-streets.”  Since 2011, the BOOM has provided hands-on introductory classes in hardware product design, electronics, bicycle repair, motorcycle repair, and more.  Participants learn to use professional tools, techniques, and terminology to build and sell our portable boombox.  Teens love our boombox project!  We develop problem-solving skills, self-control, and a profound sense of accomplishment.

California Academy of Sciences – Careers in Science Internship Program

Contact  Neal Ramus
Address 55 Music Concourse Drive, San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone (415) 379-5109
Hours Saturdays 9am-5pm year round. Some weekdays during summer
Email CiS@calacademy.org
Website www.calacademy.org/interns
Target High school youth from demographics underrepresented in STEM careers.
Additional Languages  Spanish

The Careers in Science program offers a year-round science education and youth development internship with three major components: learning science, teaching science to others, and conducting scientific research.  Interns learn about the findings and processes of science and the natural world through hands-on trainings, field science experiences, and peer and professional mentorships.  This multi-year paid internship serves San Francisco youth typically underrepresented in the sciences.

Community Youth Center of SF: Bayview Branch Office

Bayview Youth Advocates

Contact Wendy Lee
Address 4438 Third Street, San Francisco CA 94124
Phone (415) 550-1151
Fax (415) 775-1345
Hours M-F:10am-6pm
Email wendyl@cycsf.org
Website www.cycsf.org
Target Youth ages 14-18
Additional Languages Mandarin, Cantonese

CYC Bayview Branch Office has two main focus of services. One is the Bayview Youth Advocates, which consist of a multi-cultural group of high school youth who live in District 10 and are committed to making an impact in their community and San Francisco by working together to advocate for peace and positive changes. Youth participants gain leadership, public speaking, resource-seeking, communication, action and event planning, multimedia, cultural understanding, and community activism skills. Additionally, we outreaches to mono-lingual Chinese youth and families in the Bayview Hunters Point community to offer assistance in public services such as public housing applications, public safety awareness, referrals and create cultural exchange events to promote racial harmony.

Hunters Point Family

Gilman Playground (Rec Connect)

Contact Jeremy Tom
Address 1 Bill Walsh Way, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 573-8449
Fax (415) 671-3910
Hours M-F: 10am-6pm; Saturday community events  as scheduled
Email jtom55@hotmail.com
Website www.hunterspointfamily.org
Target Ages 10-18
Additional Languages

Offers academic support, cultural and arts enrichment, recreational activities, community events and a comprehensive full-day summer camp program.

Girls 2000

Contact Takai Tyler (Executive Director)
Address 718 Kirkwood Road, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 824-3225
Fax (415) 671-3910
Hours M-F:12pm-8pm; Sat: 10am-2pm
Email takai@hunterspointfamily.org
Website www.hunterspointfamily.org
Target In-risk girls ages 10 – 18 living in public/subsidized housing in Bayview Hunters Point
Additional Languages

Offers case management, educational advocacy and tutoring, life-skills training, nutrition classes, community gardening, enrichment classes and recreational activities.

Peacekeepers Program & Bayview Safe Haven Programs

Contact Maurice Moret
Address 59 Cameron Way, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-2950
Hours M-F: 11:30am-8pm; Sat:10am-2pm (Garden Program)
Email thayru@yahoo.com
Website www.hunterspointfamily.org
Target High risk youth and young adults living in/near the Alice Griffith public housing community.
Additional Languages

Case management, educational advocacy and tutoring, nutrition classes, development and life-skills workshops, enrichment classes and recreational activities. Peacekeeper has a Garden Program on Saturday from10am-2pm. Bayview Safe Haven is located at 90 Northridge Road, for youth living in or near “Harbor Road” public housing community.

Somethin Fresh

Contact Candice Pierson
Address 1800 Oakdale Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-8091
Fax (415) 671-3910
Hours M-F: 10am-7pm
Email candice@hunterspointfamily.org
Website www.hunterspointfamily.org
Target Youth workers:16-25 years/customers: residents in 94124 area
Additional Languages

Provide on-the-job training and paid internships in youth-run business/provide low-cost, fresh fruit delivery to families/residents and workers in 94124 area.


Contact Melody Daniel (Director)
Address 1800 Oakdale Avenue, Suite SB212, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-8894
Fax (415) 671-3910
Email melody@hunterspointfamily.org
Website www.hunterspointfamily.org
Target Youth and young adults ages 16-24 years
Additional Languages

Job readiness, job training, job placement, barrier removal

Literacy for Environmental Justice

Contact Anthony Khalil (Community Programs Manager)
Address 1150 Carroll Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124 (Candlestick Nursery and Community Garden)
Phone (415) 240-0984
Fax (866) 909-9466
Hours Varies
Email  anthony.khalil@lejyouth.org
Website www.lejyouth.org
Target Youth (BVHP priority)
Additional Languages Spanish

The mission of Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) is to foster an understanding of the principles of environmental justice and urban sustainability in our young people in order to promote the long-term health of our communities. We provide free educational and service learning opportunities for K-12 schools and colleges, professional development opportunities to K-12 teachers, and volunteer opportunities at the Candlestick Point State Rec Area. Paid Youth Internships are available.

New Door Ventures

Contact Grace Reinhalter, Youth Development Intake & Program Coordinator
Address 3221 20th St. San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone (415) 857-9412
Fax (415) 920-9203
Hours M-F: 9:30am-5pm
Email grace@newdoor.org
Website https://newdoor.org/
Target Youth Ages 16-24
Additional Languages  Spanish

New Door Ventures provides skills training, meaningful jobs, education assistance and personal support to help disconnected youth get ready for work and life.  Through our employment program, young people secure paid internships at our two social enterprises and at local businesses we call Ally Partners. We also offer personalized, incentivized classes for youth who need to earn their GED. Our education program provides one-on-one tutoring and individualized support to each youth, wherever they are on their education path.

Old Skool Cafe

Contact Lisa Litsey (Managing Director)
Address 1429 Mendell Street, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-8531
Hours Varies; please call for hours
Email contact@oldskoolcafe.org
Website www.oldskoolcafe.org
Target Youth ages 16-22
Additional Languages  Spanish

Old Skool Cafe is a violence prevention program, providing marketable and transferable employment skills to high-risk youth ages 16-22.  Our youth-run social enterprise restaurant is a hub for positive change in the lives of resilient youth and their communities.

Renaissance Parents of Success

Contact Harriett Larkin (Program Coordinator)
Address 1800 Oakdale Avenue, Room 510, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 643-1400
Fax (415) 643-1404
Hours Office Hours M-F: 9am-5pm
Youth lifeskills/job readiness and social justice workshops T, TH: 5pm-7pm
Email rparents@sbcglobal.net
Website www.rparents.wix.com/renaissance1
Target Youth 13-17, Adults 18+
Additional Languages Tagalog

Youth lifeskills/job readiness and social justice workshops: 5:00pm-7:00pm. 4 months paid internship for youth. Adult Programs: Job readiness/Job placement, barrier removal and retention services. Monthly reduced fee guard card testing.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Contact SFO’s Office of Employment and Community Partnerships
Address SFO
Phone (650) 821-5241
Fax (650) 821-5244
Hours M-F: 8am-5pm
Email  sfointernships@flysfo.org
Website www.flysfo.com/internships
Target For internships: Youth ages 16-27 years old

For airport jobs: all are welcome to apply. Please visit www.flysfo.com/jobs to apply

Additional Languages Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Samoan

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is a department of the City and County of San Francisco.  SFO has paid internships for high school students, community college students, students attending university, and transitional age youth ages 18-27 who are not in school.  SFO has an internship called Career Connect that is meant to help young people gain work experience and gain professional skills.  Interns receive job readiness training in communication, time and money management, and transportation and clothing allowances.  SFO Interns are paid between $13-18/hour and work between 15-35 hours per week.

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Contact Linda Barnard
Address 501 Stanyan Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone (415) 831-6829
Hours Monday & Saturday 9am-5pm / T-F 9am-9pm
Email linda.barnard@sfgov.org
Website www.sfrecpark.org
Target All Ages and Demographics and www.sfreconline.org
Additional Languages

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department provides a variety of programs for all ages focusing on the well-being of the the entire family.  We offer programs in traditional and nontraditional recreation that are designed to meet the needs of the diverse communities of San Francisco.

Young Community Developers, INC.

Contact Andrea Smith & Tianna Johnson
Address 1715 Yosemite Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
Phone (415) 822-3491
Hours Enrollment Orientations: Every Tue 9am-10am & 5:15pm-6:15pm and Every Thur 9am-10am / Drop-in Hours: M-Th 9am-4pm
Email dbrookter@ycdjobs.org
Website www.ycdjobs.org
Target Youth ages 14-17 Adults 18
Additional Languages

The Mission of Young Community Developers, Inc. (YCD) is to empower and inspire Southeast Sector Residents to engage in employment and educational opportunities.  Through comprehensive preparation and training techniques targeted towards enhancing workforce readiness coupled with an inclusive set of additional services, YCD seeks to assist in the removal of employment and education barriers for our disenfranchised residents.  YCD is passionately committed to the preparation, placement, and preservation of our Southeast Sector residents, resulting in each responsibly contributing to their personal and professional development of their families, and to the economic development of their neighborhoods.


Young Women’s Freedom Center

Contact Julia Arroyo (ProgramDirector)
Address 832 Folsom Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone (415) 703-8800 ext 211
Hours M & Th: 9am-7pm / T, W, F: 9am-5pm
Email julia@cywd.org
Website www.youngwomenfree.org
Target cis-gender, transgender, queer
Additional Languages  Spanish

*Formerly known as The Center for Young Women’s Development

Sister circle every Thursday 4:00-6:00, 9 month paid internship opportunity, care management, courtroom advocacy, Rap session every Friday 3:30-4:30 in SF Juvenile Justice. We use education as a practice of freedom.