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BAYCAT Burglarized! We Need Your Help!

BAYCAT Student Laptops Stolen: We Need Your Help!

Help us show that a positive community is more powerful than one selfish act!


What’s it like to be the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit? One really finds out when bad news hits. I’m sorry to greet you with this bad news, but right now BAYCAT needs your help!

One week ago, on Thursday, July 12th, our space was burglarized, and all of our student laptops were stolen. Beyond the cost of this equipment, which is substantial for a relatively small non-profit like us, the most devastating loss was five weeks of students’ work. Whole comic books, first cuts of short films, and other projects were lost.

                                  The Show Must Go On!

Our students have shown tremendous resilience. Working on make-shift work stations, they are joining together to complete the show in time for our Open House, July 26th, but the reality is, our program cannot continue as planned without replacing the stolen laptops.
With the encouragement of our students, we decided to reach out and ask you to help us rebuild, by starting an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise money to buy new laptops to replace those that were taken in time for our the start of our fall-semester classes in September.


Watch this video.  Help Jayraj, one of our amazing youth producers who we are also employing on a Studio BAYCAT gig. He, and students like him, don’t have computers at home. And now his has been taken from BAYCAT.  It’s just wrong.  Let’s make it right together.


Contribute.  Make a positive comment.

Tell others.

Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr our campaign.


There’s never a dull moment being the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit, but this is really when we figure out what community support is really out there.  Thanks for showing Jayraj, our students, team, and community that together we can overcome any hardship.


Hope to see you at our Open House, July 26th!!


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Villy Wang

Founder, President and CEO